The majority of Guineans work in the agricultural sector, but agriculture and forestry now account for less than 25% of GDP.

There are many arguments in favor of this proposition: industrialization remains the royal road to economic development.

The structuring of agro-industrial sectors, from field to factory and from plant to market, is the surest path to improving food security and development of the country.

Faouaze Investment Corporation (FAINCO)  which has important agricultural areas, is active in agriculture with the aim of achieving agrobusiness through the establishement of the agrofood industry.

Faouaze Investment Corporation (FAINCO)  conducts its policies for the developpment of the overall industrial activities on the spot that will transform raw materials from agriculture into food products mainly for everyday consumption

For its part, Faouaze Investment Corporation (FAINCO) develops a very favorable policy for agricultural and agribusiness investments, In order to increase and create employments, developpe the green  plant land and develop the industry sector Guinea's heavy dependence on imports. Faouaze Investment Corporation (FAINCO ) seeks to control their entire supply chain

To continue producing under optimal conditions.

This department specializes in the processing of agricultural products such as tomato, eggplant and production

Fruit juice based ded mango, banana, guava. It is also present in cattle breeding.